Training is not just an activity

Sport is healthy – all doctors and experts agree on that. Because regular exercise prevents so many different diseases. Even a few hours a week improve both the immune system and mental well-being.

Every person is different and therefore needs his or her own individual workout. My experience will help you to find the right exercises and above all to do them correctly.

Whether you want to train alone or in a group. Martiny’s Fitness will find the right solution and accompany you on your way.

I offer personal classes on site but also training sessions via video conferences. All of our exercises use our own body weight and do not require complicated equipment.

If you train in the right way and in a way that suits you personally, it not only improves your health and self-confidence, but is also a lot of fun. Even though our motto is „no pain, no gain„, it doesn’t mean that a training session can’t also be a lot of fun and joy.

Yolanda Martin in Cape Town